Frequently Asked Questions

Is mediation for everybody?2022-06-28T17:04:39+00:00

Mediation is for those willing to collaborate to achieve a long lasting agreement and working relationship. Mediation is not appropriate in certain situations such as domestic violence or child abuse.

Do I need a lawyer?2022-06-28T17:05:03+00:00

You never relinquish your right to be represented by legal counsel before, during or after mediation. You are encouraged to seek independent counsel in order to understand your legal rights and options.

How long does the process take?2022-06-28T17:05:25+00:00

It depends on what needs to be covered and how well you are working together. The average mediation takes 6-10 hours of time. Most sessions are 2 hours in length.

What does it cost?2022-06-28T17:05:41+00:00

The mediator will provide you with an hourly rate prior to scheduling your first appointment.

What about our children?2022-06-28T17:06:03+00:00

Mediation can pave the way for effective co-parenting. Since mediation is voluntary, you work together to determine what is in the best interest of your family.

What happens if we can’t agree on all issues?2022-06-28T17:06:25+00:00

You may draft what has been agreed upon and seek legal recourse for the remainder of any unsolved issues(s).

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